The IOSRD-International Organization of Scientific Research and Development is an independent organization to support the educationist and researchers all over the world. IOSRD is a relationship of scientists, researchers, professors, Doctors and engineers from the various fields of the science and Technology. The organization aims to organize the conferences, workshops, Research, development programs, guidance to do research work in around the world. The IOSRD publish the original research papers and review papers, surveys, case studies, technical and management reports, viewpoints, conference publications, thesis, book reviews, notes, commentaries and news in various themes of scientific research.

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The goals of the conference is to provide a transformative professional Development experience through bringing together the world’s scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Advancements in Engineering Technology and Modern..


The IOSRD publish the original research papers, review papers and management reports, conference publications, thesis, videos, books and news in various themes of scientific research. Articles Published in our Open access Journals are Peer Reviewed & absolutely..


IOSRD having more than 12000 professional editorial board members to support our publishing activities, register as more than 700 Life members, more than 1000 journal and conference paper publications and get benefits of 3000 researchers around the world.


IOSRD publishes books in the various themes of Scientific Researches. Books indexed in IOSRD library will be made available to Readers across the World.It is a chance for authors to have international visitors for their research articles..


IOSRD library is a Digital library with collections of Digital objects that includes Books, Proceedings, Visual material, video material stored as Electronic media format which is free to read and download for the Readers across the world.


In the Motive of helping the Researchers to come away with World class Research article, IOSRD provides Text editing services which includes Plagiarism, English corrections, Multi lingual translations of Research articles.